My background /Tarot journey
I was born in Toulouse, France. I was raised in a Vietnamese/Buddhist family but do not consider myself religious. My main influence nonetheless growing up was Zen Buddhism and became really interrested in Non-Duality teachings when I moved to the USA from France at age 17.
My love for Tarot comes from my mother who always read since we were kids. She used the “Tarot de Marseilles” and also created her own oracle system that used chopsticks with strange markings she had put on them. I never understood how it worked still to this day, but hey! It worked for her! And even though I never understood it, I guess in a way it influenced me in my tarot reading style to trust my own intuition, my own system of symbols and interpretation rather than what “books”  or teachers are saying is the right way to read tarot.

When I moved back to Paris I worked for various advertising agencies as a graphic designer, but after a time I became quite depressed with the work I was doing so left to work as a caretaker for mentally handicaps. There, I had to work many nightshifts during the week and it was at that quiet time that I created the Heart of Stars Tarot deck about 6 years ago. While creating the deck I became more involved with Tarot and took classes with Biddy Tarot in order to deepen my knowledge of Tarot. Brigit Esselmon’s tarot philosophy was all about trusting your intuition and I deeply resonated with her approach. After creating The Heart of Stars Tarot deck, I became more involved with giving reading to people and started to read professionally.