The Heart of  Stars Tarot deck, a self- published, underground deck that features famous movie stars and movie scenes.

I created that deck in order to have a more familiar and more immediate connection with the cards by using familiar, pop culture symbols. It was my aim to make Tarot easier to read for myself and for other fellow tarot readers, while still involving and developping one’s intuition whenever reading into the cards’ meanings.

The 3rd edition of the deck is  OUT OF PRINT /SOLD OUT.

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The Rune-cards of Mannaz is my latest deck  based upon the  Elder Futhark Nordic Runes.

Runes are basically a set of letters that forms the runic alphabet that was used to write early Germanic languages before the Latin alphabet existed.

The word rune comes from the old Norse word “rún,” which means secret, mystery or whisper. It has been associated with “council” or a meeting where wise people were discussing matters in secret…