“It’s not about action… It’s about vibrational alignment.” Abraham Hicks

I use Tarot as a tool to bring more flow into life.
The Tarot is a great tool to see a situation. It can help you see what prevents you from manifesting what you desire or give you confirmation on what you are doing right. It can direct you to different options or help you align better with your goal or desire. I always work according to your inner desire and what you wish to accomplish but never tell you what you want to hear.

The Tarot is like a map that shows your current situation and the many possibilities. Sometimes your path towards your desire is smooth and may require only minor adjustments to better align and achieve what you want. Other times those obstacles can be tough roadblocks, there may be lots of resistance, conflicts internally and externally, but it is nevertheless the path you are willing to take and experience. If the path towards your ultimate desire is filled with obstacles, a helpful reading will always show you the best path to navigate those obstacles as smoothly as possible. But the choice is always yours to either face those obstacles head-on and maybe achieve what you want or to let go and choose a new path or desire. I never use the Tarot as a tool to decide for you. When I see the question is too black and white, I help the reader rephrase the question. A black and white, Yes or no, all or nothing, type of question always involved some underlying issue not explored. I try to explore those issues first before answering the question.

My relationship with Tarot is focused upon energy, and taking an active role to create the outcome one wishes to have by first bringing clarity into what may block oneself from achieving those desires and what contributes toward achieving them. Tarot cards carry energy, not in and out of themselves, but with the symbols that they represent. The Fool carries the energy of innocence, purity, openness, whereas The Empress carries the energy of creativity, nurturing and care, and represents the Mother archetype. The Emperor expresses the energy of structure, authority, order and is the Father archetype. I believe, the Tarot mirrors those archetypal energies and emotions that are inside us to various degrees and The Tarot makes us conscious of them through engaging in a dialogue with our subconscious. The Goal of a Tarot reading is always to leave you clearer, and more empowered with a clear path for action or change.

Zen helped me cultivate a state of open-space or meditative state of mind to be receptive to messages in a reading. That « Zen-space » is called the Non-dual mind because it is beyond the polarity of good and bad, right and wrong, or labels. The Law of Attraction helped me understand how things work in the realm of manifestation. It helped me understand the importance of intent and cultivating the right state of mind to manifest desires. It taught me the importance of having a clear intent to manifest our desires, and to also « Let go » to « Let Flow. »
Tantra helped me apply an energetic approach to my Tarot readings. To me, all good Tarot readers are aware of that “energetic” aspect the tarot cards have. It is through working with the Masculine and Feminine archetypes and their energy that are represented within the Tarot cards that I use principles of Tantra in my tarot readings.
In my readings, I draw court cards that represent the Masculine or Feminine aspect of the people involved. For example, if you are represented by a Queen of Swords, your emphasis when interacting in a relationship will be clear communication, honesty, and truth while if you were a Queen of Cups, your interactions will be focused on feelings, emotions, empathy. When I know exactly which specific type of either Masculine or Feminine energy a given challenging situation with a person involves, I understand better the dynamics of the relationship at an energetic level. The reader can then have a clearer picture of the dynamic that is going on within their partner based on the archetypes of personalities.

10 Questions Every Tarot Reader Must Answer
( borrowed from the blog the Left-Hand Path)

1 – Were you mentored, or were you self-taught? l was both mentored and self-taught. I took webinars, online classes, mainly from Biddy Tarot. I took their Tf1 and Tf2 classes that were highly instructive, inspirational and where I met a community of very nice like-minded people. Otherwise, I was mainly taught the Tarot by my mother when I was young, who used the Tarot de Marseilles mainly.

2 – Are you a psychic or a Tarot reader? I’m an ” intuitive” Tarot reader. I only read the cards and the story they are telling me through the free associations of symbols that comes into my mind while looking at the cards. I do have sometimes “flashes” of inspiration or images that will come into my mind, but I don’t consider myself a Psychic, as I don’t depend on clairaudient or clairvoyant messages for a reading. I do consider myself an empath though, as I feel I connect with a client’s energy and their intent in the reading and can feel intuitively the questions that need to be answered that will help achieve clarity at the end of a reading.

3 – Are your predictions accurate, and is accuracy important to you? I don’t predict the future per se, I only reveal patterns that are more likely to occur based on the present emotional states of the querent and everyone involved in the reading. Those patterns are often hidden from the querent due to their conflicting desires, or messages they receive externally and interpret differently than what the situation is. So in that regard are my predictions accurate? Are the patterns I reveal to the Querent accurate? Yes. But more than just revealing the patterns what is most important to me is giving different options, different paths, obstacles to avoid, advice to follow to navigate those patterns in a more “flowy” way. Like Lao Tzu says: “To be conscious of difficulties helps you avoid them.”

4 – Is there anything you can’t predict in a reading? A tarot reading reveals patterns and in that sense, it predicts what is likely to come. Whenever I look at the patterns to come or draw a card for a future outcome, I will always focus on solutions to a given challenge. My reading will never leave you unempowered nor will it leave you with an unrealistic sense of joy, based on saying what the reader wants to hear. My reading will only leave you with clarity on a situation and more options to create your future. If you ask me: When will I get pregnant, married, or die? I’ll answer with: WHAT can you do NOW? to get pregnant, married, or confront your fears of death? I answer the Whens and the Whys with What, « What you can do? »What is it that you can do to realign with Flow? In a state of Flow, you either achieve all your desires effortlessly or you realign your desires to things that are more serving. The Goal is Flow, and Tarot is a tool that can be used to achieve that. Do I still do reading about timing? Yes. Based on your current “vibrational states of being” (to borrow a term from Law of Attraction) I will predict the current best timing for your decisions at hand.

5 – Do you use only Tarot, or are you multi-disciplinary? I use different tarot and oracle decks and I also use Runes.

6 – Is the message in the cards or your head? I read the cards first and foremost, then a free flow association of symbols tells the story. How do the cards relate to one another, which detail in a card catches my attention? How does it relate to the question of the Querent? Why has this card jumped from the shuffle? There is always the main theme, the main story plot when the reading is revealed, then there are subplots that adds the details and contribute to the accuracy of the reading in revealing a certain pattern.

7- Are you a priest or a fortune-teller? Neither. But there are some predictions in a reading, but it is never my focus, as I aim to have the reader have clarity about a situation first and work on different options and paths that can be taken for different outcomes.

8- Are you a fixer or a looker? Coming from a Zen/ nonduality spiritual background I don’t see the other nor myself as something that is broken and needs fixing. I feel the more you fix the more you need fixing. It may be useful at a certain stage but it often becomes an endless process. Tarot is just a tool that can be used more holistically. I start from the assumption that you are already complete, full, whole. The only fixing that needs to be done is getting out of the way of what naturally unfolds … We are the only obstacle from seeing the patterns clearly and the ability to navigate through them. I use The Tarot to clear out the cobwebs only to reveal what we already know…

9 – Do you read for free, or for a fee? Tarot reading is a full-time gig, I charge a fee that I feel reflects the “energy exchange” that my service provides.
10 – Is there anything you won’t predict in a reading? I think I’ve already answered that one. No death, illness stuff…I’m not bothered about the “spying” on your ex or lover thing like many other professional tarot readers. To me, it’s only very volatile emotions one is spying on, that can easily change the moment the reading is over…So I warn that it may be what you see about this person now, but don’t get too attached to it because it may be different now. The question is “What are you to do with your own emotions now? ” It is not about them but it’s about you.