The Rune-cards of Mannaz

The Rune-cards of Mannaz is a deck of 24 Oracle cards based on The Elder Futhark runes.

Runes were originally set of letters that formed ancient “runic alphabets” that originated in Scandinavian countries. The Elder Futhark refers to the oldest version of these alphabets and emerged around the First Century. Besides their use for language and communication, runes were also carved as symbols of power used for magic and divination.

Mannaz comes from the Germanic word for man; it also means mankind. In this deck, it represents our interconnectedness as human, our humanity.

The illustrations on this deck mostly depart from the myths and the gods from the Nordic tradition normally associated with the Elder Futhark runes. They include myths and deities from many other different cultures and spiritual traditions. They include angels, elves, giants, aliens, totem animals, buddhas, fairies, mermaid, sorcerers, Egyptian, Greek, Nordic gods, and heroes, etc, They are a multidimensional interpretation of the Elder futhark runes.

The Rune-cards of Mannaz was designed for beginners and more advanced practitioners alike. While the deck may allow beginners to be introduced to a very ancient tool for magic, divination, and spiritual guidance, other more experienced practitioners may enjoy a new interpretation of the runes where “Old Age” spiritual beliefs and concepts are explored within our current “New Age” context.

The Rune-cards of Mannaz is a deck designed for the Star seeds, Indigos, Lightworkers, mediums, healers, the spiritual misfits, wanderers, empaths, modern witches, sorcerers, and shamans of our age. It is a tool designed to help them better navigate their human experience.

Advanced guidebook. Available July 31st, 2021.

The Rune Cards of Mannaz: 24 Oracle cards. Available July 31st, 2021