Fehu as a person & Fehu as feelings

as a person as feelings fehu rune

Fehu as a person (How someone sees you)

Fehu is someone seen as down-to-earth, positive, radiant, and abundant. It is someone good with material matters and practical. A Fehu-person likes a comfortable environment and can easily create one for oneself and his/her loved ones.

Fehu as a person is someone very nurturing and easy to be around. They have a very soothing, healing energy that attracts people around them. They are vibrant and bring flow into other people’s lives.

When a Fehu person has difficulty bringing prosperity into their lives, it means they are not living their true nature and that something along their path brought about a blockage. A false belief towards prosperity has been conditioned instead of their natural inclination towards wealth and abundance.


Fehu as feelings  (How someone feels towards you)

As feeling, Fehu means that the person is caring and has ever-growing feelings towards their partner. They want to be of support for that person emotionally, materially, spiritually, etc.  They feel fulfilled, content and at ease with their partner. There is a feeling of childlike playfulness and innocence when interacting together.

The person feels a sense of effortless flow in the relationship where creative ideas are abundant. They feel and perceive synchronicities together and feel effortless manifestation with their partner due to their great chemistry. They feel grateful for their partner to be in their life; they make them feel whole and complete.