Eight of Wands

Upright meaning

The Eight of Wands is a card of swift action, progress, and can point to travel or a journey. It represents a time when things are moving quickly and energy is high. This card often appears when you are in the midst of a flurry of activity or a sudden burst of inspiration. It can indicate a time of great potential and growth, where you are making rapid progress towards your goals.

Reversed meaningĀ 

When reversed, the Eight of Wands can indicate a slowdown or a delay in progress. It may suggest that you are feeling stuck or blocked in your current situation. It's possible that you're not making the kind of progress that you want to be, or that you're feeling frustrated and impatient with the pace of your development.

Meaning for feelings for someone

If the Eight of Wands appears in a reading about feelings for someone, it could suggest that you are experiencing a sudden rush of attraction or passion for this person. You may be feeling drawn to them in a powerful and exciting way, or you could be experiencing a sudden surge of desire that is taking you by surprise. This card can also indicate that you feel like you're in a hurry to take action or make a move, whether that means expressing your feelings or pursuing a relationship with this person.

Reversed meaning as feelings for someone

In reverse, the Eight of Wands can indicate that your feelings for this person have hit a snag or a roadblock. You may be feeling unsure about how to proceed, or you could be experiencing doubts and fears that are holding you back from taking action. It's possible that you're feeling impatient and frustrated with the slow progress of your relationship, or that you're feeling disillusioned and disheartened by the lack of movement or growth.