Energy healing

In my energy healing session, I channel Life Source energy that is similar to Reiki. It has its own intelligence and knows where to go according to each individual's needs.

Opening a channel to this energy to my clients, enables them to intuitively feel where their body needs attention, and can actively direct their own "life energy" (ki) to those areas within. By taking an active part in their healing process, it encourages the client to accept responsibility for their own healing.
While our own "life energy" or Chi (ki) can be directed, Universal Life source energy cannot be directed. It acts more like an infinite reservoir of energy that we can tap into to replenish or tune in our own life energy.

While my energy healing sessions focus on anxiety, depression, panic attacks, existential and spiritual blocks, dark night of the soul conditions, they can benefit anyone that wishes to cultivate a deeper connection with Life Source energy.