King of Wands

Upright meaning

The King of Wands is a card of confidence, passion, and leadership. In its upright meaning, it suggests that you are in a position of power and authority, and are able to inspire others with your charisma, vision, and drive. You are confident, decisive, and passionate about your goals, and are willing to take bold action to achieve them. This card can also indicate a need to balance your passion and enthusiasm with practicality and responsibility.

Reversed meaning

In its reversed meaning, the King of Wands suggests that you may be feeling disempowered or lacking in confidence and direction. You may be struggling to find your voice or your place of authority, or may be feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by the demands of your role. This card can also indicate a need to be more responsible with your power, and to avoid acting impulsively or without consideration for the consequences.

Meaning for feelings for someone

The King of Wands as feelings for someone may suggest that the person embodies the qualities of leadership, creativity, and passion. They may feel confident, charismatic, and drawn to the other person's energy and ambition. It could be a sign that the person sees themselves as a leader in their own right, and feels inspired by the other person's example to pursue their own goals and passions.This card can also indicate a strong connection or chemistry between you and this person, and a potential for a dynamic and exciting relationship.

Reversed meaning as feelings for someone

If the King of Wands appears in the reversed position as an indicator of feelings for someone, it may suggest that you are feeling jealous, possessive, and authoritarian in the relationship. You may be using your power and influence in negative ways, acting intimidating or belittling towards your partner, and struggling to find a healthy balance of authority. This card can also indicate a need to be more responsible with your own power and influence, and to avoid using your charisma to manipulate or dominate others. The King of Wands can also represent the person themselves as someone who embodies these qualities, or as someone who may be prone to using their power in negative ways.