My spiritual core is nonduality. In my early twenties while in California I attended many spiritual retreats and interacted with many teachers in the Nondual/"Advaita" tradition. The spiritual teacher that had the greatest impact and attended  most "satsang" (gathering in Truth) with was Adyashanti in San Jose, California. I had a "nondual" spiritual awakening experience while attending one of his teaching, and it is an experience that never left me.

 The "awakening" experience can be described as connecting with your "True Nature", your essential "self" or "no-self". It can be described as experiencing oneself as a vast, open and nurturing space. Light.

While many may consider this experience the end of the spiritual journey It was only the beginning, and brought with it its own challenges. This "Light" experience, made me even more sensitive to my environment, and had a hard time managing my personal and professional life. When I moved back to Paris to be closer to family, in my late twenties, I was working in an Ad agency in Paris, It was a very stresfull environment, with long commutes to work in fully crowded metro. I had a burn out, quit that environment, and started work as a caretaker for mentally handicaps. This new environment wasn't less stressful but it was more meaningful. For 5 years, working with mentally handicaps, was a "hermit" phase in my life. I traded all the nightshifts hours from my co-workers that didnt want to work nights, in order to have the peace and quiet of the night to enable me to "integrate" more this "Light" awakening experience. I spend a long time researching and reading about spiritual teachers, and how they dealt with their own spiritual awakening experience. I spent an enormous time with the series of spiritual book from Jed McKenna, that I felt best described the spiritual journey "after" awakening.

It is during those years of working nightshifts that I reconnected with the Tarot, and designed the Heart of Stars tarot deck. Tarot gave me a framework to reconnect with the world. It acted as a compass for the "ego" that was shattered by the awakening experience, and did not know how to operate in the world in a functional way.

With Tarot, I felt I had a tool to bridge my ego self with my "Higher self". A tool to connect and give a "voice" to the "ever-present" awakening experience with my everyday life. It acted as a bridge to the world of "Spirit". It enabled me to better connect with my spiritual guides, ancestors, deceased loved one.

In 2015, I quit my job as a caretaker and took a job working remotely for a major tech company. Working remotely enabled me to travel all over Europe and the world, and it is how I started to spend more time with Tarot. I took a certification course with Biddy Tarot, and started to read professionally while traveling.

Ultimately, Tarot led me to explore the world of energy. I learned more about energy by attending a workshop from reknown energy worker Jeffrey Allen. I learned how to ground the "awakening experience", have better energetic boundaries, better connect with my guides, and work with my chakras. I started to work with the "Light" energy of the "nondual" awakening experience through the body. I started to blend "Non-dual" Light energy with "Earth" energy.