The Devil

Upright meaning

Keywords: Bondage, materialism, addiction, limitation, self-doubt, temptation, lust, sex.

The Devil card represents our shadow selves and the aspects of ourselves that we try to hide or deny. It can signify self-imposed limitations, negative thought patterns, and unhealthy behaviors such as addiction or codependency. The card is also associated with the need for control, manipulation, and a lack of personal responsibility. The Devil reminds us that we have the power to break free from these negative patterns, but it requires a willingness to confront and accept our dark side.

Reversed meaning 

Keywords: Self-limitation, fear of change, lack of control, trapped or stuck, negative patterns, lust, addiction or dependence, self-sabotage, powerlessness, unhealthy attachment, external control.

In the reversed position, the Devil card can indicate a blockage or a feeling of being held back from one's own empowerment due to issues with bondage, attachment, or unhealthy patterns. The person may feel like they are trapped in a situation where they have no control over their own life or feel powerless to change their circumstances. There may be a sense of self-sabotage or addiction, as well as a tendency to be manipulative with others to maintain control. The reversed Devil card can suggest a need to break free from negative patterns and unhealthy attachments in order to regain control over one's own life and achieve true empowerment.

Feelings for someone

When the Devil card represents someone's feelings towards another person, it can suggest a desire for control or a tendency towards manipulation in the relationship. The person may feel trapped or stuck in the relationship and may struggle with letting go of unhealthy patterns or behaviors. Alternatively, the Devil as feelings for someone can represent a strong physical attraction or a sense of temptation towards someone who embodies the qualities of the Devil card. The person may feel a sense of bondage or dependence in the relationship, or may be struggling to break free from an unhealthy dynamic.

Reversed feelings for someone

When the Devil card appears in reverse as someone's feelings towards another person, it suggests that they may be struggling with issues related to control, manipulation, and codependency in the relationship. They may be grappling with feelings of lust or an unhealthy attachment to their partner, and may be repressing these emotions out of fear of losing control. The person may be finding it difficult to let go of their own need for control and may be engaging in manipulative or controlling behaviors towards their partner. They may be struggling with codependency issues, and may feel unable to break free from negative patterns in the relationship. The Devil reversed as feelings for someone represents a need to confront one's own unhealthy patterns and behaviors in the relationship, and a need to work towards healing and growth.