The Lovers

Upright Meaning

Keywords: Love, chemistry, union, harmony, balance, alignment, values, growth, connection, choice.

The Lovers card represents a major choice or decision that needs to be made, often related to love, relationships, or partnerships. It can indicate a deep connection between two people, or a need to balance different aspects of one's self. The Lovers often suggests the importance of choosing a path that aligns with one's values and beliefs, and that will lead to growth and development. The card can also represent a spiritual or creative union between two people, or a sense of balance and harmony in one's relationships.

Reversed Meaning

Keywords: Disharmony, conflict, imbalance, lack of compatibility, lack of commitment, lack of love, neglect of self, misaligned values, underlying issues.

The Lovers card in the reversed position can indicate a lack of balance or harmony in relationships, and may suggest that the person is struggling to connect with their partner on a deeper level. It can also suggest a lack of self-love or self-respect, and a tendency to compromise one's values or needs in order to maintain a relationship. Alternatively, the card can indicate a need to reassess one's relationships and priorities, and to let go of relationships that are no longer serving one's highest good. The reversed Lovers may also suggest a need for greater self-awareness and self-reflection in matters of the heart.

Feelings for someone

When the Lovers represents someone's feelings towards another person, it suggests a deep connection and sense of harmony in the relationship. The person may feel a strong attraction and sense of compatibility with their partner, and may see the relationship as a major turning point or opportunity for growth and development. They may also feel a sense of balance and harmony in the relationship, and may be drawn to their partner as someone who complements their own values and beliefs. The Lovers as feelings for someone represents a deep sense of connection and a desire for a harmonious and balanced partnership.

Reversed feelings for someone

In the reversed position, the Lovers as feelings for someone could indicate a lack of harmony or balance in the relationship. The person may be feeling conflicted or uncertain about their feelings for their partner, or may be struggling to find a sense of compatibility and connection. Alternatively, the person may be lacking in self-love or may be neglecting their own values and beliefs in the relationship. The reversed Lovers as feelings for someone suggests a need to address underlying issues or conflicts in the relationship, or to reconnect with one's own true values and beliefs in order to find a sense of harmony and balance.