The Magician

Upright Meaning

Keywords: Manifestation, action, creativity, confidence, resourcefulness, skills, power, potential. 

The Magician is a card of manifestation, action, and creativity. It suggests that you have the power to create your reality and achieve your goals through the use of your unique skills, resources, and energy. The Magician represents a person who is confident, skillful, and resourceful, and who has the ability to turn their dreams into reality. This card is a reminder that you have all the tools you need to succeed, and that you should trust in your own abilities to make things happen.

Reversed Meaning

Keywords: Lack of focus, direction, motivation, manipulation, negative tactics, blocked, powerlessness, self-doubt.

In the reversed position, the Magician can indicate a lack of focus, direction, or motivation. You may be feeling blocked or powerless, and not able to tap into your own inner resources to achieve your goals. Alternatively, it could suggest that you are using your skills and resources in a negative or manipulative way, and that you may need to reevaluate your intentions and actions. You may be lacking in confidence or experiencing self-doubt, and may need to work on building your self-esteem.

Feelings for someone

 When the Magician represents a person's feelings towards their partner, it suggests that they see themselves as a skilled and resourceful individual who can provide for their partner's needs. They feel confident in their ability to manifest their goals and dreams, and they see their partner as someone who can benefit from their abilities. They may also see their partner as someone who can complement their own strengths, and together they can create a powerful and successful partnership.

Reversed feelings for someone

In the reversed position, the Magician as feelings for someone could indicate that the person is struggling to utilize their abilities in a positive way in their relationship with their partner. They may be feeling blocked or powerless, and as a result, they may be tempted to use manipulative or negative tactics to get what they want. They may be lacking in motivation or feeling uncertain about their path forward, and this could lead them to use their skills and power in a negative way. The person may need to work on building their own self-esteem and focusing on their own goals in order to manifest a positive relationship with their partner. Overall, the reversed Magician as feelings for someone suggests a need to tap into their own inner power and use it in a positive and ethical way in order to build a strong and healthy connection with their partner.