The Sun

Upright meaning

Keywords: Positivity, light, sun, excitement, passion, yes, success, smile.

The Sun card represents positivity, success, and joy. This card suggests that the person is experiencing a period of enlightenment, clarity, and understanding. They may be feeling confident, happy, and full of energy. This card can also indicate a time of growth, and may suggest that the person is on the path to achieving their goals. The Sun is a symbol of vitality and life-giving energy, and this card can indicate a time of abundance, success, and good health.

Reversed meaning

Keywords: Uncertainty, burnout, lack of clarity, negativity, overexertion, loss of enthusiasm, excess, self-doubt

In the reversed position, the Sun card can suggest a lack of clarity, confusion, or a feeling of being lost. The person may be struggling to find direction, or may be feeling weighed down by negativity and uncertainty. This card can also suggest a lack of confidence and energy, or a feeling of stagnation.

Alternatively, the reversed Sun card can indicate a wasteful use of your energy or a lack of vitality. You may be afraid to shine or to take risks, and as a result, you may be holding yourself back. You may be burning yourself out by putting too much energy into a situation without taking the time to rest and recharge. It may be time to focus on self-care and finding a healthy balance in your life.

Feelings for someone

When the Sun card represents someone's feelings towards another person, it can suggest that they feel happy, content, and fulfilled in the relationship. The person may be feeling a strong sense of connection and intimacy with their partner, and may feel like they're on the same wavelength. They may also feel a sense of playfulness and fun, and may be enjoying a period of light-heartedness and joy. Alternatively, the Sun card as feelings for someone can represent a desire to bring light and positivity into their partner's life, or to help them see the positive aspects of a situation.

Reversed feelings for someone

When the Sun card represents someone's feelings towards another person in the reversed position, it can suggest that they feel like the excitement and passion has died out in the relationship. They may feel bored or feel like something is missing, and may be blocking their ability to be fully open and engaged within the relationship. Alternatively, the reversed Sun card can indicate that the person may be afraid to fully shine and show their true self in the relationship, possibly due to past hurt or trauma.