Three of Swords

Upright meaning

The Three of Swords is a card of heartbreak, loss, and grief. It can indicate a painful emotional experience, such as a breakup, betrayal, or disappointment. The card shows three swords piercing a heart, symbolizing the hurt and pain of the situation. However, this card also represents the opportunity for healing and growth, as painful experiences can teach us valuable lessons and lead to inner transformation.

Reversed meaning

The reversed Three of Swords may suggest that you are having difficulty moving on and healing from a painful experience. You may be stuck in a cycle of negative emotions and thoughts, and find yourself dwelling on the heartbreak instead of taking steps towards forgiveness and closure. This card reminds you that it's important to confront and work through the painful emotions and memories, rather than suppressing them or avoiding them.

Meaning for feelings for someone

If the Three of Swords represents your feelings for someone, it may suggest that you are experiencing heartbreak, disappointment, or a sense of loss in the relationship. You may feel betrayed, hurt, or let down by this person. Alternatively, this card may indicate a fear of being hurt or betrayed in a relationship, leading you to be guarded or hesitant to open up to others.

Reversed meaning as feelings for someone

The reversed Three of Swords as feelings for someone may indicate that you are blocking the healing process by dwelling on past heartbreak or disappointment with this person. You may find yourself fixated on the pain, rather than taking steps towards forgiveness and closure. This card can also suggest a need to confront any unresolved emotions or issues in the relationship in order to move forward and find healing. It may be helpful to seek the advice of a trusted friend or therapist to help you work through your emotions and find a path towards healing.