Online House entity clearing

Online House entity clearing

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A ghost is a deceased person whose spirit has not crossed to the light; this person is stuck in limbo due to some trauma, unresolved issue, or a strong belief that prevents them from moving forward. They are very much like homeless people, and only need to be shown their way home.

A ghost who occupies the space of a home vibrates at a lower vibration; they can bring feelings of unrest to the people living in the house. 

As a clairsentient, I can feel when ghosts are stuck in a home, and I can assist them to find their way to the "Light".

All sessions are online. (Check time difference with Bali) A check-up session lasts around 15mn-30mn. (depending on the size of your home)  During a check-up session, it is black and white, I either feel an entity or I don't. 

In a session, I get into contact with the ghost that is occupying the space and establishes communication to understand his/her motivation for staying in that space. I, then use energy work techniques, and prayer to move the ghost away into Light.

With an online session, the only requirement is having a good internet connection, a webcam on a laptop, or the camera from your phone. I conduct sessions via WhatsApp or Messenger.

House entity check-up price: $25.00

House entity clearing: $225.00 (does not include check-up price)