Manifesting Relationship: Tarot reading + Energy work

Manifesting Relationship: Tarot reading + Energy work

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This Tarot reading explores the path to manifest your relationship goals. 

The reading is a combination of Tarot and energy work.

What do you wish to manifest within your current or future relationship? What is benefiting and what is preventing you from fulfilling your vision? Are you or your partner aligned with their true feelings and desires?

If single and looking for a relationship, I explore your inner blockages and what you can focus upon to attract the relationship you deserve. I explore compatibility with future potential mates and also look into what energy and personality traits the person that is the best match for you.

I combine energy work in this reading for one to better integrate what one has seen and learned from the reading and move remaining blockages.

The result from the session may be that you may be able to more easily move towards your goals with your partner or may more easily move on and attract  someone more aligned with your goals.


A reading lasts approximately 1 hour30