Soul Path : Tarot reading + Energy work

Soul Path : Tarot reading + Energy work

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This reading explores all the main themes of your "Soul path". This session is a combination of energy work and tarot reading.

In a typical session, I explore with Tarot cards who your Spirit guides are. I guide you to feel and connect with their energy, their unique personality so that you can more consistently and more easily connect with them to assist you in your spiritual path. I look at the energy of other spirits, ancestors or loved ones that may be assisting your path.

I look into details at your spiritual path using the "Heart of Stars Tarot spread". (see guidebooks link) I look into obstacles and your Shadow Self that prevent you from being more aligned with your true mission. I look at the talents, gifts that you can offer to the world.

With Energy work, I will connect with the different centers in your body that need clearing. I will connect you with your own energy field so that you can intuitively heal yourself.

A session begins and ends with a 10mn guided + silent meditation.

A session lasts about 1h30 mn.