Hello, I’m Thom Pham
I am a professional Tarot reader, and Tarot deck designer. I specialize in relationships readings.

I travel yearly between Paris, Bali and Australia and give readings via Skype or in person. To find my schedule, look on the Booking page.

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In a Relationship reading I explore the dynamic in a couple through the use of archetypes in Tarot cards. I explore how a person in the relationship feels and perceives the other. What are the issues or possible blocages? What can help to bring more fulfillment and expansion in the relationship? Where is the relationship heading to? or if single I explore what can one do to find a relationship partner and attract romance.

In “Your Life & Soul Path” I explore questions such as : ” How can I live from my higher Self? What do I want to manifest in this life? What are my dreams and aspirations? What are my inner talents? What is my calling? Who are my guides? What is my ”Shadow” and How do I integrate it? »

A general reading where you ca ask any questions, on career, business etc.

Thank you Thom for this reading! Your reading was really accurate about what’s going on in my relationship, the reading gave me a clarity towards my options . My view prior to the reading was so clouded, I don’t think I would have been able to see those other things that sooo affected my relationship and are so obvious to me now…. I’m glad not to have taken any hasty decision. »
Becky T.        Houston, Texas

So happy I did a reading on Love & Relationships with Thom. I’ve been single for a long time and this reading helped me see more clearly where my blocages were, and what I need to work on in order to attract more romance in my life! Thanks again! » (translated from French)
Christine B.   Paris, France

  The Life and Soul Path was really transformative. I kept rereading the notes I’ve taken and have been looking at the pictures you ve send me of the reading. I feel like I rediscovered so many aspects of myself I knew were always there. I see and understand now more clearly my resistances but also what I can contribute to others. I also loved being able to connect with my spiritual guides! Thank you Thom! »
Patricia M.    Albulquerque , NM