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“Once upon a time, tarot reading was about discovering what your future held. These days tarot helps you craft exactly the future you desire.” ― Sasha Graham


I am Thom. I am a clairsentient Tarot reader, an energy healer, and an Oracle deck designer based in Bali.

Clairsentient is the ability to get psychic information through sensing and feeling the energies around.

A personal reading with me can help you better clarify your current situation, be it with your business, career, relationship, or spiritual path.

When facing decisions for your future a Tarot reading can bring to light the possible outcome from all the different potential pathways to help you make better-informed decisions.

My belief is that Tarot never says anything that you don’t already know deep inside. It only serves as a tool to restore your vision from the already-present state of clarity of your “Inner being”, or Spirit.

My Tarot philosophy is influenced by the Law of Attraction where one can create the outcome wants to see by focusing  more on aligning one’s current emotional state, one’s vibration and point of attraction.

As an intuitive energy healer, I work with the Hawaian prayer Ho'ponopono, source energy, and the Chakras system to help you clear blockages in your path.

Currently in Bali, Thom gives readings in-person or online via Skype, Zoom or messenger.

Please check your time zone before scheduling an online reading.


Hours/date for Online lecture will be arranged after your booking

All sessions are combined with energy work and guided meditation. You may receive photos of the session upon request.

Online readings lasts approximately 60 mn.

Contact : thompham@hotmail.com

Skype : thompham76

General Tarot reading

General Tarot reading

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Soul Path : Tarot + Energy healing

Soul Path : Tarot + Energy healing

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  • “My reading with Thom opened my mind to new possibilities in my dating life. This made me feel more ease, excitement, and an overall renewed sense of freshness for what potential is available for me. Thom is very personable and nurturing. He creates a feeling of safety during his session that’s allow you to open up and share vulnerabilities of what’s truly going on for you. I recommend him for reading if you are needing a dose of clarity and inspiration in some area of your life.”

    @MindBody Colleen - Bali
  • Thank you for bringing clarity into my relationship situation. The reading gave me confirmations and that extra push necessary for me to move forward. thnk you. thank you.

  • I am a big fan of the Law of Attraction and Thom's reading are very aligned with that philosophy. I was wondering if I should quit my job and I needed a career advice on how to do that and if I was making a good decision. The reading helped me see more clearly the options that I have, and the attitude to follow in order to manifest a better career. Thank you.

    @Jessie wine
  • “I used Thom’s services when I was at the crossroads of my professional career last year in the middle of global pandemic. I had never done tarot before and this was a brand new experience for me. Thom’s intuitive guidance gave me a lot of clarity in terms of my work options and it certainly helped me make decisions that were most aligned with my heart. Today I am happily settled in my new work environment in a place I have always imagined for myself. I highly recommend Thom to anyone who needs some kind of guidance on their journey” anonymous/ Singapore

  • I attended a two day training of learning tarot cards given by Thom. I had already had a basic knowledge of the cards. I was looking for ways to give readings for my clients in a confident way. Furthermore I wanted to expand my knowledge about tarot cards and tarot readings. I wanted to learn from an expert in the field. Thom was definitely the right person! I've learned so much during the two days of training. We had a close look on all the cards of the deck. Step by step. He also shared a lot of secrets tips and tricks. I could ask him everything and he was always super happy to share his knowledge. It was such an interesting workshop given in a relaxed way. I would definitely recommend a workshop given by Thom! You will learn so much and if you want you are able to give your own tarot cards readings for yourself, family, friends or businesswise in a confident way. Thank you so much Thom!

    @Author's name