King of Pentacles

Upright meaning

Keywords: Success, financial stability, practicality, generosity, responsibility, security, ambition, self-discipline, wisdom, leadership

The King of Pentacles is a symbol of financial stability, success, and responsibility. In its upright position, it suggests that the person is grounded, reliable, and practical in their approach to life. They are likely to be a hard worker, focused on creating wealth and security for themselves and their loved ones. They may also be a skilled manager, able to handle their affairs with wisdom and competence.

Reversed meaning

Keywords: Indulgence, greed, materialism, financial instability, irresponsibility, lack of ambition, laziness, short-sightedness, stubbornness, neglectful.

Reversed, the King of Pentacles may suggest a lack of financial stability or a failure to properly manage one's finances. The person may be struggling with debt, overspending, or financial insecurity. It may be a sign that the person needs to reassess their financial goals and find a better balance between spending and saving. The King of Pentacles reversed can also indicate a lack of responsibility, laziness, or a tendency to procrastinate. It may be a sign that the person needs to take more initiative and be more proactive in their approach to life.

Feelings for someone

As feelings for someone, the King of Pentacles represents a person who is reliable, steady, and committed. They may be focused on building a stable and secure relationship, and may be willing to work hard to create a comfortable life for themselves and their partner. They may also be very practical and down-to-earth in their approach to love, and may value financial stability and security as important aspects of a relationship.

Reversed feelings for someone

 Reversed, the King of Pentacles as feelings for someone may suggest a lack of commitment or reliability. The person may be prone to making promises they cannot keep, or may struggle to follow through on their commitments. It may be a sign that the person needs to take more responsibility in their relationship, or may need to work on building trust and consistency with their partner. Additionally, the reversed King of Pentacles may indicate a lack of financial stability, and may suggest that the person is not able to provide the level of security and comfort that their partner desires.