Hello, I am Thom!

I am an intuitive Tarot reader, energy worker and Oracle deck designer.

I am French from Vietnamese origins, and lived in California for over a decade. I travel yearly between Bali, Paris, France and Brisbane, Australia.

I come from a Buddhist spiritual background from my family, but my spiritual path is rather eclectic and started in California in my early twenties where I attended many gatherings with various spiritual teachers in California that offered "satsang", or "gathering with Truth"  Teachers such as Adyashanti, Pamela wilson, Umi and many others in the "Nondual/Advaita " tradition.


I combine energy work with Tarot. Tarot is great at helping one see a situation clearly. It is great at helping one see the path one needs to follow or avoid. While Tarot helps us see the path, it is not always easy to walk that path. Old patterns, like old scars often leave their energetic trails and blocks that needs clearing. It is when I use energy work.


Doing any spiritual practice always brings our own inner skeptic mind, and rightfully so. But as soon as one has experienced a clear Tarot reading that answered questions only one could have known about, the skeptic is replaced by the believer. It is when I found it is a good moment to introduce energy work. When one has left his/her doubts behind, one becomes more receptive to e to the subtle sensations one may feel inside one's body, and not question oneself by saying: "Am I really feeling this or making this up?" one will let him/herself be guided by one's intuition and the sensations in one's body and cooperate in the "energy work" that needs to be done through one's imagination/visualizations.


10 Questions Every Tarot Reader Must Answer
( borrowed from the blog the Left-Hand Path)

1 – Were you mentored, or were you self-taught?

l was both mentored and self-taught. I first learned Tarot from my mom when I was a kid. Then I wanted to deepen my understanding of Tarot and took webinars, online classes, mainly from Biddy Tarot.

2 – Are you a psychic or a Tarot reader?

I’m an ” intuitive” Tarot reader. I connect with the cards in an energetic way and can feel when spirits are in a room, but I don’t consider myself a Psychic, as I don’t depend on clairaudient or clairvoyant messages for a reading. I connect with a client’s energy and their intent in the reading and can feel intuitively the questions that need to be answered that will help achieve clarity at the end of a reading.

3 – Are your predictions accurate, and is accuracy important to you?

I don’t predict the future per se, I only reveal patterns that are more likely to occur based on the present emotional states of the querent and everyone involved in the reading. Those patterns are often hidden from the querent due to beliefs, conflicting desires, or messages that may cloud their visions.
I guide the client to create their own future.

4 – Is there anything you can’t predict in a reading?

I only predict situations that involve real people that one can connect to. I don't predict sports bets or stuff like that.

5 – Do you use only Tarot, or are you multi-disciplinary?

I use the Tarot and Runes. Tarot gives me details with emotions surrounding a situation while runes give me an overall general reading of energy that one needs to be aware of.

6 – Is the message in the cards or your head?

I am an intuitive empath. I read the cards first and foremost. I then activate a free flow association of symbols within my mind to invite the symbols to tell me the story it wants to tell.

With a "Departed Love one" reading, I connect directly to the energy of the deceased similarly to a medium. I can feel the presence of the spirit and bring the message forward using the cards as a bridge to communication.


7- Are you a priest or a fortune-teller?
Neither. But there are some predictions in a reading, but it is never my focus, as I aim to have the reader have clarity about a situation first and work on different options and paths that can be taken for different outcomes.
8- Are you a fixer or a looker?
The only fixing that needs to be done is getting out of the way of what naturally unfolds … We are the only obstacle from seeing the patterns clearly and the ability to navigate through them. I use The Tarot to clear out the cobwebs only to reveal what we already know, to reveal the flow that is already there.
9 – Do you read for free, or for a fee?
Tarot reading is a full-time gig, I charge a fee that reflects the “energy exchange” that my service provides. My fees have increased over the years to reflect the experience I have accumulated. I have payments facilities for those in a situation of financial struggle.
10 – Is there anything you won’t predict in a reading?

No death, illness stuff…I’m not bothered about “spying on your ex" type of reading like many other professional tarot readers do. To me, it’s only fleeting, volatile emotions one is spying on. Emotions that can easily change the moment the reading is over…. The question is “What are you to do with your own emotions now? ” I redirect the focus on the only thing they can control, that is their reactions, their thoughts and emotions, to emphasize that it is not about their partners, but it’s about them and the journey they want to take and create in their romantic life.