About me


I am a clairsentient Tarot reader, energy worker, and tarot deck designer based in Bali.




I was born in France and was first introduced to the Tarot as a child by 

my mother that used The Tarot de Marseille. She read Tarot in an "old 

school" fashion that was very focused on predictions.


While predictions happen during a reading, no one wants to hear "bad news", especially if a solution is not given. I have always been intrigued by the Tarot, but always thought there might be other ways to read the Tarot than in a strictly predictive fashion.


In  2015, I found a more modern and empowering approach taught by Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot. It was focused on intuition and giving empowering messages. I took a certification course and started to read professionally shortly after.


As a clairsentient (the ability to get psychic information through sensing and feeling the energies around) I read Tarot intuitively by feeling the energy of the person and the cards.


My philosophy with Tarot is that it always reflects the current emotional 

state of the person at that moment. The focus on predictions is not so much important, as I believe we always have the power to mold a different outcome by focusing more on our state of being rather than the present circumstances.


Even though predictions happens in a reading, the focus of my readings are always the NOW.




My introduction to the world of energy was linked with the world of 

spirits. In my early teen years, I was raised in a house that was built 

on top of a battlefield from WW2 in France. My home was haunted by 

ghosts, and I could always feel their presence. Living with ghosts in 

the house has made me hypersensitive to their energy. Later in life, I was 

always able to tell if a place was haunted by a ghost or not. I would 

feel that denser ghost "vibe" in my body, and was able to know if it was

a male or female, young or old, just by feeling their presence. It made

me aware of my clairsentience ability. Unlike mediums, I don't always get clear pictures or auditory messages whenever in the presence of a ghost or spirit. I just feel them close. To get better information on those spirits, I then use the Tarot and can engage in a conversation with them. The goal with ghosts is to always help them move on from their condition. With other spirits, like deceased loved ones, the goal is to relay the messages they would like to communicate to their loved ones.




In my late teens, from France, I moved to San Jose, California, USA,  

where I studied Fine Art and Graphic Design, and lived and worked there for 12 years. From sensitivity to spirits, I developed a sensitivity to 

"Spirit" by attending many different spiritual retreats by different 

teachers from many different spiritual traditions ranging from Advaita, energy work, to Tantra.