The Empress

Upright Meaning

Keywords: Nurturing, creativity, abundance, growth, compassion, mothering, warmth, sensuality.

The Empress is a card of creativity, fertility, nurturing, and abundance. It suggests a time of growth and abundance in your life, and represents the mothering energy of the universe. The Empress encourages you to embrace your creativity and intuition, and to trust the natural flow of life. This card is a reminder to take care of yourself and others, and to cultivate a sense of warmth and compassion in your life.

Reversed Meaning


Blocked creativity, lack of abundance, neglecting self-care, overprotection, possessiveness, jealousy, overextension.

In the reversed position, the Empress can indicate a blockage in your creativity, fertility, or abundance. You may be feeling stuck or unable to access your natural creative energies, or you may be experiencing a lack of abundance or fertility in your life. Alternatively, the reversed Empress can suggest that you are overextending yourself or neglecting your own needs, and may need to focus on self-care and nurturing in order to find a solution to your problems.

Feelings for someone

When the Empress represents someone's feelings towards another person, it suggests that they feel a strong sense of nurturing and care for their partner. They may see themselves as embodying the qualities of the Empress, such as warmth, creativity, and abundance, and may want to share this energy with their partner. The person may be drawn to their partner's need for care and support, and may want to provide a safe and nurturing space for them to grow and thrive. Overall, the Empress as feelings for someone represents a deep sense of love and compassion, and a desire to provide a warm and nurturing environment for their partner to flourish.

Reversed feelings for someone

In the reversed position, the Empress as feelings for someone could indicate that the person is struggling to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for their partner. They may be overprotective, possessive, or jealous, which can create tension and conflict in the relationship. The person may be neglecting their own needs in order to care for their partner, or may be placing too much emphasis on the needs of their partner at the expense of their own well-being. The person may need to focus on finding a healthy balance between caring for themselves and their partner, and avoid being overly controlling or possessive. Overall, the reversed Empress as feelings for someone suggests a need to let go of control and embrace a more open and nurturing approach to the relationship.