Working with me

As a Lightworker, I work with Source energy. In a group or individual meditation session, I focus on Source energy consciouscly so that one can recognize it within oneself, and have it operate in one's life.

This "Source energy" is simply who we truy are, our True nature. While channeling this energy, reactions from each individual person attending a session may vary. Some may feel discomfort and resistance at this energy at first, other may embrace it fully. No matter what the case is, the energy will be felt as an energy of Light, an energy of wide open space that one can find deep rest within. `

The invitation within the session is to rest within what one recongnizes as one's true nature. One may feel more acutely the contrast of the energy of the mind, the energy of the "self", an energy of resistance, of control and desire to become something, vs this energy of pure openness, of awakeness, of Consciousness. One may also feel an energy of groundedness, a sense of I amness that contrasts with a feeling of Light and wide open space, a nondual "space". When reaching that space where one's attention gravitates towards Iamness and open space/light, one is embodying one's true nature.

To ground this energy within, I finish a session with a guided meditation on the eternal "I am", into Truth.