Soul Path : Tarot Reading Online

Soul Path : Tarot Reading Online

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Discover your "Soul path" and gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual journey . In this session, we'll explore the main themes of your soul path and gain insight into how you can better align with your higher self and live a more purposeful life.

Using tarot cards, we'll discover your spirit guides and explore their unique personalities and energy. This will help you connect more easily and consistently with them, so they can assist you on your spiritual path. We'll also explore the energy of other spirits, ancestors, or loved ones on the other side that may be supporting and guiding your journey.

We'll delve into your "Shadow self" and the patterns that may be preventing you from aligning with your most authentic purpose. By bringing these patterns into light, we can work to release them and clear the way for greater alignment and growth.

We'll also explore your talents and gifts, and how you can use them to make a positive impact on the world, be more aligned with your mission, and feel a greater sense of balance and harmony within yourself.

Book your session today to gain a deeper understanding of your soul path and take steps towards greater alignment and fulfillment in your life.


Session : 1h30mn